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Parallel Projection Solver

I strongly support opensource philosophy, and although as a PhD student, I cannot release the solvers I have developed for my research, I have decided to make available at least some of the small codes/scripts that I write for post-processing through Github.

I had written a naively parallel code that calculates the projection area of any 3-D microstructure on an intersected plane at any angle. It was partly just as an exercise to familiarize myself with C++14 and 17 syntaxes and coding using templates. The ablation community and those who need some computational geometry algorithms may benefit from this.

These pictures show the marked projection of an AVCOAT-like microstructure.

Download from the Github link.

Happy coding!

PS: Found an instructive blog on expression templates in C++.

© 2020 Saurabh S. Sawant

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